About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Euphoric Luxe provides you with beautiful and unique house 
plants that will brighten up each room in your house.  
There are many different varieties of houseplants sold in our shop to suit your liking.
Walk into our shop and leave with a friend or two! We source the best plants and products from the best suppliers,
then we deliver them to their new home, along with 
all the tips an urban gardener could possibly need to look after their new garden.

Image by vadim kaipov

Our Story

We want our pretty indoor plants to be able to reach everyone.
Invite greenery to your interior is the slogan of an online store with potted plants.
You will find here not only indoor plants, perfect for a wedding anniversary gift,
birthday and other occasions. Since we can easily send them to the address indicated,
and make someone's day greener, it is worth using this option.  You will also find plants that are indestructible,
suitable for offices and public spaces, resistant to bad conditions such as dryness or insufficient sunlight.
Bearing in mind the safety of our four-legged friends,
we also have plants in the online store that will not harm our little Pets in any way.
They remain safe for them and live in perfect harmony with dogs and cats.

There is something for everyone Potted Plants are pleasing to the eye. However,
as everyone knows, everyone has a different taste.
That is why we offer a wide selection of indoor potted plants in our online shop. 
Enthusiasts of succulents and cacti, ornamental plants made of leaves, orchids,
and flowering plants everyone will always find the perfect plant for themselves.

Why is it worth using an online store?

Why is it worth using an online store? Thanks to the fact that the House
plant online store works, you save your time. At one time, without leaving your home,
you can buy not only your dream plant, potted plant, but also the necessary accessories
. The offer includes substrates dedicated to specific plant species, nutrients and other specialized plant
preparations. You can also purchase pots and casings necessary to replant the purchased plants.